Python Training

• Python Syntax
• Strings and Console Output
• Conditionals and Control flow
• Functions
• List and Dictionaries
• Loops
• Intro to Classes
• File Input and Outuput
1 month Duration
(1 hour per day)

Website Building with WordPress

• No programming required
• Build websites quickly
• Graphic design for websites
• Maintenance of websites
1 Month Duration (1 hour per day)

Website Design (Front end)

• Photoshop for wire framing.
• HTML, CSS, Javascript
• Jquery
• Bootstrap
2 months Duration
(1.5 hours per day)

Website Development with PHP

• PHP Fundamentals
• Object Oriented Programming
• Database Design
2 months Duration
(1.5 hours per day)

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Each Course Offers:

– Paid internship and job placement for deserving students.

– Students will receive 1 domain name and 500 MB web space free.

– Certificate of your achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train students to create the kind of website, web applications and sofwares that most businesses want: easy to use, stylish and appealing, quick loading and responsive. Our Industry Based IT Trainings have helped many students to establish themself as a successful developers and designers in the Market.